charging smartphone quickly

How to charge smartphone quickly?

How to charge smartphone quickly:

Here I am going to share how to charge smartphone quickly. You may think that by using a high wattage charger you are going to get your smartphone charged quickly. But this is not the whole truth, you must consider some points before charging your smartphone with a high wattage charger. 

Charging your smartphone is simpler just plugging your charger in the wall socket and connecting your charger USB with the smartphone USB. 

But you must learn tricks to charge your phone quickly and optimally.

In this article, we are going to share some tricks to charge your smartphone quickly and optimally maintaining long-lasting charging and battery life. Additionally, we are going to provide full details about charging. 

This article contains the following subtopics: 


charge smartphone quickly


How to charge smartphone quickly (tips and tricks) :


  1. Mid-range charging: Your smartphone charges quickly from 40-80% range quickly than any other range. Because the manufacturer keeps the charging rate slow for range 0-20 and 80-100 for the safety purpose of your battery.


         So don’t wait for the charge to get as low as 20% for topping up or charging


       2. Use the right charger : It is more important to choose the right charger for charging and topping because unsuitable charges lead to

          long  charging time and few times if you use another fast charger your phone may get warm which is not good. 


       3.  Charge frequently: It is a good idea to charge your smartphone frequently for small time compared to less frequent for a long time.


       4.  Keep your charge in the range around 45% for the long life of your smartphone battery.


       5. Keep your phone idle while charging: This condition is necessary for quick charging because the phone gets confused whether it is charging or discharging and the result is that the charging operation gets slow due to the cycling process of charging and discharging.


      6. Activate airplane mode : If your area has poor signal then the charging process will be slower because most of the time poor signals consume more power. Testing showed that it can boost your charging rate by 25%


  1. Turn off your background running apps: Because it consumes some power while Charging.


  1. Wireless charging is not so good: The method of wireless charging is not good as it slows down your charging rate by 50%


  1.  You can switch off your phone while charging to boost up your phone’s charging as it consumes no power.


  1. Turn off unwanted app notifications. You can also keep your phone in power  Saving mode.


  1. Do not exposure your smartphone to the sun because it can damage your phone’s Battery life.

charge smartphone quickly


Can we use a fast charger for charging ( including advantages and disadvantages)


    Many of us think that whether it is safe to charge our smartphone with a fast charger or not. So here is the answer.


    Before discussing whether it is safe to charge with fast charging let us know about what is fast charging.


    Normally smartphones use a voltage of 5v and a current of 0.5 amperes. But fast charging chargers provide a current of 1 ampere to 1.8 amperes.      So the charging will be fast. 


    The battery capacity is given by mAh 

    So the formula implies


   Watt hours / voltage = ampere hours 


   Watt hours= ampere-hours * volts


All of us know that the advantage of fast charging is the battery gets fastly charged. But the disadvantage you must consider is it increases the battery temperature to a significantly high level which is not good for the battery life of your smartphone.


The answer to the question is clear NO if you want to optimize the battery life of your smartphone. But if you want to charge quickly it is good to charge with a fast charger once in a while


Is it safe to overcharge your smartphone :


It is a very common question asked in public. So let me tell you many of the chargers are built in such a way that they do not overcharge the batteries.

The above condition is applicable to standard chargers. 


But if you are using old or non-standard chargers your phone may get overcharged which heats up your battery that is not good for your battery life.


The wattage rating of chargers available in the market : 

Most of the chargers come with a wattage rating of 5w

The other wattage ratings is 9w,10w,12w,15w,18w,24w, and whooping 64 w chargers for some phones.


Can I use a power bank for charging my phone : 


Yes of course you can. Because the power bank provides the same output voltage and current as standard chargers.

smartphone charging

Is it safe to keep smartphones in an off mode without charging for a long time?


The answer is absolute no, because if you leave your smartphone without charging for a long time i.e. up to one month your smartphone battery capacity to hold charging is reduced and by the time the battery becomes dead. So don’t ever think to keep your phone without using or uncharging for a long time.

Can I connect my smartphone to the computer for charging?


Yes of course you can connect your smartphone to a computer for charging. The output of the computer USB gives 5v, 0.5 amps. But while charging through a computer you won’t get the desired speed of charging. It is 50% slower than your typical charger.


How much must I charge my smartphone for the first time?


We recommend reading the user manual before using and knowing about charging. The thing is that many of the mobile manufacturers keep 60% of the charging inbuilt and deliver to you. So you don’t need any special charging for the first time.

The life expectancy of smartphone batteries when used ideally ( following all rules) 


The life expectancy of typical batteries is 3years on average after 3 years your battery charge capacity decreases to about 25 percent.


The capacity of smartphone batteries and chemicals used 


The typical capacity of smartphone batteries ranges from 3000mah to 6000 mah currently in 2020. It can increase in the future. 


In most of the smartphone batteries, the chemicals used are lithium-ion. Lithium polymer type of batteries is used in advanced smartphone batteries.


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