5g network in india

5g network in India launch date

5g network in India  launch date: 

As of now, many 5g mobiles are launched in India and the world. Now you may have questions about the 5g network, it’s working, and its benefits. 

so this article is for you. 

These are the contents covered in the article  

  1. 5g launch date in India

  2. Meaning of 5g

  3. Availability of 5g in different countries

  4. The decision of buying 5g mobiles

  5. Advantages and disadvantages of 5g network

1.  5g launch date in India:

5g phones already launched in India. but building a 5g network in India is going to take a long time.

To implement a 5g network in India, we have to acquire new technologies and radio spectrum.

The radio spectrum will be auctioned by the government by inviting telecom private companies to purchase.

According to reports, it is said that there would be a delay in 5g network rollout due to the ban of Chinese company Huawei and ZTE and there may be an increase in price to set up a 5g network in India.



According to reports published in financial times, Huawei and ZTE companies are banned because to dissolve Chinese companies from the telecom industry.


But the decision is still information is still not confirmed by the government of India. The information was published in aug25.


Huawei and ZTE acquired market shares in India because they supplied telecom equipment at low rates compared to other companies. The biggest competitors of Huawei in the telecom industry are Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsung.

5g network in india

source link:  canva.com


Earlier it was expected to launch 5g in India by 2020, but it got delayed due to Chinese company bans and other technical issues.


Director general of cellular operators association of India ( Rajan Mathews)  said that high cost and limited availability is likely to cause the delay in the rollout of the 5g network in India by 5 years.


2. Meaning of 5g:

5G networks are cellular networks, in which the service area is divided into minor areas called cells.


The 4g network used macro cells but the 5g network needs small cells for transmission.


The versions of internet generations of mobiles are 0g, 1g, 2g, 2.5g, 2.75g, 3g, 3.5g, 3.75g, 3.95g, 4g, 4.5g, 4.9g, 5g, 6g


5G can support up to a million devices per square kilometer, while 4G supports only up to 100,000 devices per square kilometer


5g networks use about 28ghz of frequency compared to 700Mhz to 2500Mhz frequency of 4g.


The bandwidth of 5g is about 10gbps.


In 5g the operating cells will be from microcells to small cells.


Now you might wonder whether 5g is speed is faster than fiber optics?


The answer is absolutely not. The bandwidth of fiber optics is 100 Gbps.


The internet speed of cables increased over time because earlier the network company consumers used copper cables for transmission, now the consumers are using fiber optic cables.


3. Availability of 5g in different countries: 














San Marino





North and South America


Trinidad & Tobago



Middle East and Africa






Saudi Arabia

South Africa


Asia and Oceania




New Zealand

South Korea

Three other countries have also begun rolling out 5G networks since February: Canada, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

4. The decision of buying 5g mobiles in India:

As of now, India is not ready for 5g yet. Still, a network test has to be carried out. There is a lot more to do for the 5g network in India.

According to a report from a business insider, it says that in the year 2023 the percentage of users adopting 5g technology is only 5%.

So the 5g network is very premium for Indian network users. But as of now, many companies launched 5g smartphones in India.

Now you can ask whether to buy a 5g phone or not?

So the answer is no.

5. Advantages and disadvantages of 5g network:

      Advantage of 5g network

  1. Larger bandwidth so larger internet speed on mobile
  2. Operation of the remote car is possible
  3. It contributes more to artificial intelligence and cloud storage
  4. High network connectivity even in crowded places due to small cells.

       Disadvantage of 5g network

  1. 5g internet network consumes more battery power on mobiles.
  2. The New 5g network setup includes installing more towers that are not good for the beauty of cities.
  3. The initial cost of 5g is premium.

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